Mini help for a pseudo Kanban simulator

- A flow of tasks running through different steps
Actions on a process
- Drag task to free space of step to signal process evolution
- Click on save to save to browser local storage (if browser allows)
- Click on load to restore from browser local storage (if browser allows)
- Represented by a column
- Contains a number of tasks
- Name of the step is shown on top of the column
- Number ot top level tasks is show on top right
Action on a step
- Click on step's name to create a new task
- Represented by a colored box
- Can be nested (sub-task)
- Progress of the task is shown in bar on top of the box
- Textual description of the task is below the progress bar
Actions on a task
- Click on X box to delete task (with contained sub-tasks)
- Click on bar to change progress level
- Click on description to edit it (html tags accepted)
- Click on free space of the box to change color
- Drag to part below description to nest task