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Handle the selection of options in a SELECT element and in checkboxes.


SELECT elements are composed of OPTION elements. An OPTION element has a boolean attribute selected. This attribute can be read to see if the option is selected ; setting it to True or False selects or deselects the option.

Checkbox elements (INPUT type="checkbox") have a boolean attribute checked that can be used in the same way : to know if the box is checked, or to check/uncheck it.

The example below selects or deselects options according to the state (checked/unchecked) of the checkbox elements ; conversely, a click in the SELECT element triggers checking/unckecking of the matching checkboxes.

The function show_selected() shows how to get the list of selected elements ; for option in sel iterates on the option elements. For a SELECT element with a single choice (no attribute multiple) the rank of the selected option is also given by sel.selectedIndex

from browser import document as doc
from browser import html, alert

def update_select(ev):
    # selects / deselects options in the SELECT box
    # is the checkbox we just clicked
    rank = choices.index(
    sel.options[rank].selected =

def show_selected(ev):
    alert([option.value for option in sel if option.selected])

def update_checkboxes(ev):
    # updates checkboxes when the selection has changed
    selected = [option.value for option in sel if option.selected]
    for elt in doc.get(selector='input[type="checkbox"]'):
        elt.checked = elt.value in selected
choices = ['one','two','three','four','five']
sel = html.SELECT(size=5, multiple=True)
for item in choices:
    sel <= html.OPTION(item)
sel.bind('change', update_checkboxes)

for item in choices:
    chbox = html.INPUT(Type="checkbox", value=item)
    chbox.bind('click', update_select)
    doc['panel'] <= item + chbox

doc['panel'] <= sel

b_show = html.BUTTON('show selected')
b_show.bind('click', show_selected)
doc['panel'] <= b_show