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Deploying a Brython application

The application can be deployed by uploading the whole directory content on the server.

Since version 3.4.0 it is also possible to deploy a Brython application using the same tool as for CPython packages, ie pip.

For that, install the CPython Brython package (pip install brython), open a console window and in the application directory run:

python -m brython --make_dist

On first execution, the user is asked to enter required information for a package : its name, version number, etc. This information is stored in a file brython_setup.json that can be edited later.

The command creates a subdirectory __dist__ ; it includes the script that is used to create a package for the application, and to deploy it on the Python Package Index.

Users can then install the CPython package by the usual command:

pip install <application_name>

and install the Brython application in a directory by:

python -m <application_name> --install