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module browser.markdown

markdown is a mode of text formatting adapted to publication on Internet, more simple to edit than HTML.

A complete description is available on the mardown site. The module markdown is a slightly adapted version : to enrich the rendering options, the markdown tags _text_ and *text* match two different HTML tags: <I> and <EM>, as well as __text__ and **text** that match <B> and <STRONG>.

The module markdown exposes a single function :

src is a string holding text formatted with the markdown syntax. The function returns a 2-element tuple : html, scripts where html is the HTML code generated from the source, and scripts is a list of all the source code of scripts found in the page.

The example below shows how to get the content of a markdown file at address url, fill a zone in the document with the matching HTML code, and run all the scripts in the page. This technique is used in these documentation pages.

from browser import document as doc
from browser import markdown
mk, scripts = markdown.mark(open(url).read())
doc['zone'].html = mk
for script in scripts: