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module browser.object_storage

This module extends local_storage and session_storage by allowing keys and values to be Python objects, not just strings. To achieve this, the object is serialised ; currently only JSON serializable objects are supported, such as as a list or dict. Also note that objects become immutable once they are stored, so ObjecStorage()['foo'].update({"bar": "zoo"}) won't actually do anything.

The module exposes a class:


returns an object store. storage is the storage object exposed either by session_storage or local_storage


from browser.session_storage import storage
from browser.object_storage import ObjectStorage

object_storage = ObjectStorage(storage)
object_storage[['do', 're', 'me']] = {"tune": "in tune"}

# to update the value, need to copy out first
tmp = object_storage[['do', 're', 'me']]
tmp.update({"duration": "one hour"})
object_storage[['do', 're', 'me']] = tmp